Experience a Business-Friendly Climate in Leander, Texas!

Texas has long been recognized as a top state for business, with its pro-business policies and low taxes. The absence of corporate or personal income tax and minimal state and local taxes have played a significant role in making Texas an attractive destination for businesses. Leander, in particular, offers a highly competitive business climate that ranks among the best in the nation. With these factors in mind, businesses considering relocating or expanding to Leander can expect to thrive and grow in this business-friendly environment.

State Income Tax

Right-to-Work State

Sales & Use Tax

EntitySales Tax Rate
State of Texas6.25%
City of Leander1%
Capital Metro1%
Total Rate8.25%

Property Tax (Ad Valorem)

EntityProperty Tax Rate (Per $100 Valuation)
City of Leander$0.432325
Williamson County$0.375608
Leander Independent School District$1.2746
Austin Community College$0.0987

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)

State of Texas6%
City of Leander7%
Total Rate13%

Income Tax

Texas does not have any form of personal or corporate income tax. In fact, Texas is 1 of 7 states in the nation that do not levy an income tax.

Franchise Tax

The Texas franchise tax is a privilege tax imposed on each taxable entity formed or organized in Texas or doing business in Texas. For general information, see the Franchise Tax Overview.

Unemployment Insurance

The amount an employer pays in state Unemployment Insurance taxes is determined by their tax rate. In Texas, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) calculates the unemployment insurance tax payable by multiplying the employer's tax rate with their taxable wages. The statutory limit for taxable wages per employee, per calendar year is currently set at $9,000.