The Engineering Department provides our community with a safe, reliable, adequate water supply, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, storm water collection and treatment systems, and transportation infrastructure including sidewalks, residential streets, collector streets, arterial roadways, and traffic control devices while conserving, protecting, and enhancing public health and safety, the quality of life, and local environmental resources.

The Engineering Department carries out its mission through professional planning, design, construction, inspection, and administration of the City's water, wastewater, drainage, and transportation projects. The Department develops, manages, reviews, approves, and inspects, as applicable, designs and construction standards; all public works and private sector subdivision, commercial, and industrial infrastructure projects; statutory mapping including addressing, emergency services, CCN, floodplain, aerial, water system, wastewater system, storm sewer system, and topography; infrastructure development and service agreements; and comprehensive water, wastewater, drainage, and thoroughfare master plans.

The Engineering staff reviews all engineering plans and subdivision plats and consults with developers, engineers, Texas Department of Transportation, other department staff, and citizens. Primary functions include construction inspection, capital project management and design standards implementation.

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