Composite Zoning Ordinance

The Composite Zoning Ordinance sets forth the guidelines for property development within the city limits of Leander, with the exception of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) district. For access to the Composite Zoning Ordinance, as well as information regarding Leander's zoning process and any recent updates to ordinances, please visit the City's zoning page.

The ordinance includes site development standards for all of the zoning districts in Leander, each of which are comprised of three components:

  • General use
  • Site standards
  • Architectural standards

The ordinance is designed to be contextually adaptive, form integrated, and administratively flexible. It also provides guidelines for special use permits.

Other topics include:

  • Descriptions of zoning district components
  • Landscape and tree ordinance
  • Off-street parking requirements
  • Building setbacks
  • Accessory structures
  • Wireless communication ordinance
  • Special use permit
  • Non-conforming uses and structures
  • Home occupations
  • Site development ordinance
  • Zoning variance procedures

The City of Leander does not have zoning jurisdiction outside of our city limits. See the Zoning Map for current city limits, or contact your respective county Travis County or Williamson County for information on property restrictions outside of the city.

Building Construction
Site Construction