Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an integrated computer system that links topography, demographic, utility network, imagery, and other data geographically. This system allows for storage, spatial analysis, and querying of data for accurate and efficient City decision making.

GIS is a decision-making tool that enables the city to access to data, maps, and images. This promotes innovative solutions, and improves customer service to citizens.

Interactive GIS maps

Staff Responsibilities

City of Leander GIS staff:

  • Performs mapping and data analysis tasks related to the GIS/CAD/Aerial to include producing graphic and tabular data to support planning activities, coordinating and maintaining the City street addressing system, creating and keeping GIS and AutoCAD coverage;
  • Creates exhibits, maps (including maps for sale to public), spreadsheets and graphs using GIS/CAD software and related equipment;
  • Compiles geographic data from a variety of sources (censuses, field observations, satellite imagery, spatial data, etc.) for geographic statistics to incorporate into documents and reports;
  • Operates and maintains GIS/CAD system hardware, software, plotter, color printer and scanner; and
  • Works closely with various regulatory and governmental agencies, and consults various data sources concerning GIS standards, regulatory compliance and requirements for development activities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about city GIS data or related map information, please email GIS.