Closeout Documents

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Here you will find documents to assist in the closeout of your project. Contact the City of Leander Engineering Department for any questions at 512-528-2721.

Acceptance Checklist

Before final acceptance of public improvements, the developer must complete and submit the Public Improvement Construction Plan (PICP) Acceptance Checklist (PDF) and must include all required documentation stated in the checklist to the Leander Engineering Department.

All closeout submittals must follow the closeout submittal procedure, or they will not be accepted.

See page 48 of the Leander Subdivision Ordinance Article II, Section 28 (g) (PDF).

Closeout Submittal Procedure

Submit all required documents as one document package. Do not submit documents separately.

Package submittals are accepted only on Tuesdays before noon CST.

Required Closeout Documents

  1. Cost-Summary Cover Letter (PDF)
  2. Maintenance Bond Document (PDF)
  3. Final Bills Paid Affidavit and Waiver of Lien (PDF)
  4. Engineer's Concurrence Letter (PDF)

Fiscal Surety for Plat Recordation

The City may waive the requirement that the developer completes all improvements required by this Ordinance before the approval of the approved Final Plat, contingent upon securing from the developer a guarantee (fiscal surety), as provided for by this Section, for completion of all required improvements, including the City's cost for collecting the guaranteed funds and administering the completion of improvements, in the event the developer defaults. Such guarantee shall take one of the following forms:

See page 46 of the Leander Subdivision Ordinance Article II, Section 28 (d) (PDF).