The Purchasing Department utilizes centralized coordination of purchasing activities to leverage cost savings through consolidated purchases to protect the interests of the City's tax payers. Additionally the Purchasing Department is responsible for compliance with various legal requirements and assuring fair and equitable treatment to all vendors without regard to political pressure.

Texas Statues, including Chapter 252 of the Local Government Code, govern the City of Leander's purchasing policies and procedures. Texas courts' interpretations of those codes are the ultimate authority on the validity of those purchasing procedures.

The Purchasing Department supports the City of Leander's various departments in the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment and services needed to accomplish the goals and directives established by the City Council and the City Manager.

The Purchasing Department is committed to the following objectives:

  • Obtaining the best value for the citizens of Leander
  • Creating a favorable climate for business opportunities and vendors
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Complying with all legal and ethical standards

Definitions, Terms & Conditions

The City of Leander's Standard Definitions, Terms and Conditions (PDF) apply to purchases made. By acceptance of a purchase order or agreement, or by responding to a solicitation, vendors agree that these definitions, terms and conditions shall govern.

Ethics & Equal Opportunity

Vendors who transact business with the City of Leander will be dealt with equally, professionally and in a manner that reflects good business practices, ethical conduct and the requirements of the law. Language contained in bids and quotes will be familiar to the trade and will promote competitive bidding.

Minority and small business contractors are encouraged to participate in any and all City of Leander solicitations. The Purchasing Department staff is available to answer questions about how to do business with the City and assist all suppliers in the understanding of the procurement process.

City of Leander Ethics Ordinance and Commission exists to ensure that the citizens have confidence in the integrity, independence, and impartiality of those who act on their behalf in government. The City's Ethics Ordinance requires persons seeking to enter discretionary contracts with the City or appearing before the City Council or another City board or body to disclose certain relationships and conflicts of interest. Access the Ethics Ordinance and Commission information and refer to Article 9.05.007 and 9.05.009.

Historically Underutilized Businesses

Notification of quote opportunity shall be provided to at least two historically underutilized business (HUB) vendors in Williamson County, if available. An active Williamson County HUB vendor list (PDF) is maintained on the city's website.

HUB vendors are also listed on the State Comptroller's website.


The City may periodically update the documents herein without notice. It is the responsibility of the respondent to visit the site and check for updates.

  • View current Bids/Requests for Proposal
  • View the Bid/RFP Archives if closing date is before May 5, 2021.

Title VI Assurances

The City of Leander, Texas, in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, is committed to assuring nondiscrimination in its programs and activities to the effect that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or income status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination or retaliation under any federally or non-federally funded program or activity administered by the City or its contractors.