Registration Offense

A person commits an offense if, after the fifth working day after the date the registration for the vehicle expires:

  1. The person operates on a public highway during a registration period a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer that has attached to it a license plate for the preceding period
  2. The license plate has not been validated by the attachment of a registration insignia for the registration period in effect

Dismissal of Charge and Administrative Fee

The Court may:

  1. Dismiss a charge of driving with an expired motor vehicle registration if the defendant:
    1. Remedies the defect within 20 working days of date of citation or before the defendant's first court appearance, whichever is later
    2. Establishes that the fee prescribed by Section 502.176 (delinquent registration fee) has been paid to the County Assessor when registering vehicle
    3. Payment of administrative fee not to exceed $20