Public Access Defibrillation

Automatic External DefibrillatorAn Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device used as a treatment for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. These devices have been around for decades; however, modern AEDs are lightweight, portable, and extremely easy-to-use. Studies have consistently shown increased survival rates for victims of sudden cardiac arrest when AEDs are used with the first few minutes of collapse. While all fire engines in the Leander Fire Department carry AEDs, it is usually bystanders that witness the victim collapse and can take immediate action if an AED is available.

The City of Leander believes very strongly in the importance of early defibrillation and is committed to improving Public Access Defibrillation. Public Access Defibrillation means making AEDs available in public and/or private places where large numbers of people gather or where people who are at high risk for heart attacks live. In 2010, the City of Leander passed an ordinance requiring businesses that meet a specific height, square footage, or occupancy load to purchase an AED for their business. Since the implementation of the ordinance, dozens of business throughout the city have AEDs including City Hall, the Public Library, the Police Department, and the Crystal Falls Golf Course.

See more information about the ordinance (Section 408.12 to 408.12.3).

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