Leander Public Library CardYour library card provides access to more than 80,000 books, audiobooks, films, music, e-books and e-audiobooks, and online resources for all ages. Just come by the library with your photo ID (driver's license) with your current address to apply for a card or register online and then come into the library to show your picture ID and complete the process.

The Leander Public Library respects the privacy of patrons. Information that is gathered from patrons is limited to that which is needed to operate the library and is kept confidential. The Library does not keep records of items checked out once the items have been returned and any fines due are paid. Nor does the library monitor or retain patrons' Internet usage. The Library abides by Texas Government Code 552.124.

Please note: Your library card is required to borrow items.

Information required to obtain a library card includes accurate and current name, address, and phone number. For adults ages 18 and older, one form of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, must be presented at the time of application. New residents whose current address is not shown on the photo identification must also present a document with their current address, such as a utility bill or lease agreement. For children ages 17 and younger, parents/guardians/caregivers must provide their information and are considered the responsible party for their children's library materials and any fines that accrue.

Patrons must inform the Library of any changes in contact information. Patrons who do not live within the Leander city limits must pay an annual non-resident fee of $15 for an individual card and $25 for a non-resident family card. Cards must be renewed annually and patron contact information verified. Children's cards must be renewed by the responsible party.

Either a family card or an individual card will be issued and should be used only by the individual(s) to which it is issued. Should there be a change in the status of the individual (such as a family whose children want their own cards or related individuals who want a family card), the change will be noted in the patron's account and any applicable fees will be assessed.

Patrons wanting only to use the public access computers can be issued a day pass. Computers shut down 15 minutes before closing.

Should a patron forget his or her library or computer card, the patron may request their library card number by showing photo identification.