Park Rules & Regulations

For your safety at Leander parks and facilities, please follow our general rules (established by City Ordinance 15-061-00).

For permits or other park information, call the Parks and Recreation office at 512-528-9909. For emergencies, please call 911.

  • Park grounds and facilities are open to the public from 5 am to 10 pm daily.
  • Mason Homestead is available from 8 am to midnight (midnight.) daily.
  • Pets are allowed on leashes. Owners must properly dispose of pet waste.

Facility Reservations & Rentals

  • Some facilities may be rented and reserved for activities or events
  • Rental fees are established by Ordinance by the City Council
  • See our User Fee Policy (PDF) for details

Swimming Pools & Splash Pads

  • While using the swimming pool, children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The City may approve exceptions for swimming lessons or other certain circumstances.
  • While using the splash pad, children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a parent or a competent person responsible for the child's safety and conduct.

Permits Required

  • For exhibits, dramatic performances, plays, motion pictures, radio or television broadcasts, fairs, circus, petting zoos, or musical events
  • For public meetings, assemblies, parades, ceremonies, speeches, political meetings or other gatherings involving 100 or more people
  • For activities using amplified sound
  • To sell, offer or solicit goods, services or merchandise
  • To post or affix printed or written matter, sample or device
  • To distribute printed or written matter advertising or providing information about a business, commodity, service, product or other commercial activity
  • To sell alcohol

Prohibited Items & Activities

  • Glass containers
  • Defacing, displacing, damaging, or removing park property
  • Dumping or disposing of trash, garbage or brush not generated by park use
  • Collecting firewood
  • Lighting, building or maintaining fires outside of designated grills and fire rings
  • Indecent acts, cursing or swearing
  • Possessing or discharging guns, bows and arrows, air/gas weapons, paintball guns or markers, or any instrument with a propelling force, spring, air or gas
  • Operation of any type of motor vehicle, motor-assisted scooter or skateboard, motorcycles, motorbikes or mini-bikes on any trail, sidewalk or park area not dedicated for such use
  • Disturbing or interfering with other persons occupying an area or participating in a lawful park activity
  • Hitting or striking golf balls except in areas designated for that purpose
  • Riding animals except in areas designated for that purpose
  • Wading or swimming in areas other than pools, splash pads or areas designated for that purpose
  • Walking or bringing any animal into a park without a leash except in a designated leash-free areas
  • Overnight camping
  • Capturing, trapping, hunting, molesting or injuring wild or domestic animals
  • Riding bicycles or placing obstacles or other modifications in skate parks
  • Use of metal detectors or metal detection devices
  • Inside the Mason Homestead - Smoking, tobacco-use, pets, fires or flame burning candles, nails, staple guns or tacks to hang decorations

Penalty for Violations

Violators of any ordinance provisions may be removed from park grounds and fined up to $500 for each day the violation exists.

Supporting Documents