2020 Leander Comprehensive Plan

Leander City Council adopted the 2020 Leander Comprehensive Plan as the unified policy guide and action plan for the City. This plan was adopted on April 1, 2021. This process began in October 2019 and was shaped through the involvement of community members, city staff, land owners, business owners, and other non-government partners. Our collective vision identified in the Leander Comprehensive Plan is supported by policies and actions that will be implemented in the future.

2020 Leander Texas Comprehensive Plan Cover

2020 Leander Comprehensive Plan document chapters and Future Land Use Map are shown below. The Comprehensive Plan was updated by the City Council on April 8, 2022. The updates modified Chapter 4 - Community Direction to add more opportunities for commercial development and clarify the requirements. The future land use map was also updated to add additional Activity Centers and expand the Employment Center land use categories.

For more information about the comprehensive plan, maps, chapters, or plan development process, please contact us.