Site Development


Site Development Permits are required for all development except for single-family homes platted on individual lots. These plans include flat work, building footprints, landscaping, drainage, grading, erosion control, utilities, landscaping, and any required park improvements.

The Composite Zoning Ordinance contains rules and procedures for the development of commercial sites and residential sites involving more than two dwelling units per lot. A Site Development application is submitted to the Planning Department Office.

The Site Development application includes:

  • Site Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Grading and Drainage Plan
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Utility Plan

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) or fee in lieu is required for any project that would generate over 2,000 average daily vehicular trips.


The Site Development Permit Application and Checklist includes a description of all materials and fees required to be submitted to the Planning Department.


After the review is complete, staff will issue a "Site Development Permit." Once the applicant has completed construction of all required improvements and the City has performed a final inspection, the Planning Department issues a "Certificate of Completion."

Development Process Flowchart

The flow chart illustrates the process which a parcel of land must follow for it to be annexed into the City, for it to obtain a zoning district, and then which criteria it will be reviewed by for Residential or Commercial uses. Process Flow chart illustrates how all the components work together and yet each has a specific purpose.

Development Process Flowchart