The subdivision process is governed by the Subdivision Ordinance and can be viewed online or purchased at City Hall for $20. This ordinance includes subdivision rules and the approval process.

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) or fee in lieu is required for any project that would generate over 2,000 average daily vehicular trips. Generally, the subdivision process is comprised of four steps:

  1. Concept Plan
  2. Preliminary Plat
  3. Construction Plan
  4. Final Plat

Certain subdivisions requiring no public improvements can be approved through the Short Form or Amended Plat process.

The Amended Plat process provides a method to correct minor errors in course or distance, description of real property, and scrivener errors, to relocate lot lines without vacation of the preceding plat and without a public hearing or approval of other lot owners within the platted subdivision.

To submit an Amended Plat, download the Amended Final Plat Submittal Packet (PDF) and follow the detailed instructions. Once you have completed this information, contact the Planning Department for an appointment to submit it. The City Engineer approves the plat. Approval of the Amended Plat expires within six months of City approval if the plat is not recorded.

By ordinance, the Amended Plat must:

  • Be submitted with a completed Amended Plat application/checklist and filing fees.
  • Be submitted with tax certificates indicating that all taxes have been paid.

Submittal Packets