SmartCode ExampleIn order to implement the development patterns of the Transect, the City has adopted a set of development regulations known as a form-based code. As their name suggests, form-based codes focus on the form of development whereas conventional use-based codes focus on the separation of uses. The specific form-based code adopted by the City of Leander is called the SmartCode.

The SmartCode includes standards for the mix of uses, types, and orientation of buildings, design of streets, location of parks and open spaces, and architectural standards for each Transect Zone. Its primary focus is on the appropriate urban form based on the intensity of land use.

The benefit to property owners who develop using SmartCode is that it provides a lot of flexibility to adapt a particular building or site over time without having to go through the re-zoning process.

Download the related documents for the final adopted SmartCode and CD Sector standards.

2014 SmartCode Update Process

The City of Leander completed a major update to the land development regulations known as the SmartCode that governs the development of land within the Transit Oriented Development District. The SmartCode was first adopted in 2005 and this update provides adjustments to the code to address issues and implement best practices that have arisen since its original adoption.

The City contracted with Michael Watkins Architect, LLC and Sandy Sorlien/SmartCode Local to assist with the update process. A series of input sessions were held in January, February and May with the consultants to solicit input from stakeholders.

The TOD land use map, SmartCode, and Conventional Development Sector standards were scheduled for public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission on June 26, 2014, at City Council on July 3, 2014, and the second and final reading was conducted by City Council on July 17, 2014.

For more information, please email Tom Yantis, Director of Development Services, or call 512-528-2732.

Adopted Maps

All adopted maps can be found on the TOD Plan page.