Supply Chain Issues & Permits

Update - August 29, 2022

Pedernales Electric (PEC) is still experiencing material and equipment shortages caused by global supply chain disruptions. While the city maintains contact with PEC to stay current on the progress of various Leander subdivisions under development, disruptions have triggered similar delays locally in the energizing of subdivisions, closing out of construction plans, and issuance of building permits.

In addition, the city discourages the planting of new landscape areas during severe drought or reduced water system conditions.

In consideration of the above circumstances, Leander City Council adopted a temporary ordinance on August 18 to assist builders in the continuation of development projects. 

Temporary Ordinance Provisions

  • Building permit applications may be submitted for City review only after the following items are completed:
    • Road and utilities are installed and confirmed by the City's construction inspector. Electricity may be pending due to the supply chain issues and landscaping may be pending due to the drought.
    • The final plat has been recorded and the addresses have been assigned.
  • Building permits may be issued only after the City review is complete and the subdivision meets the following requirements:
    • The building permit review is complete.
    • PEC has released the subdivision for construction and the construction costs for PEC facilities have been paid.
    • Cash fiscal has been posted for the street lights and/or landscaping. 
      Please note: Fiscal surety for the subdivision may also meet this requirement for street lights.
  • Building construction may continue until a permanent power inspection is required. Work must stop if PEC has not energized the subdivision.
  • No certificate of occupancy may be issued until after a subdivision has power and landscaping is complete.
  • The city may proceed with a partial acceptance of a subdivision while street lights and landscaping are pending.

Leander City Council will review the ordinance within six months of the effective date, or sooner in the event of changed circumstances, to determine whether the ordinance should be modified, repealed, or continued.


Please contact the City of Leander Development Services at 512-528-2733.