Roadway Impact Fees

  1. Impact Fees Defined
  2. Roadway Impact Fee Study

Impact fees are a mechanism for funding public infrastructure necessitated by new development such as police and fire facilities, parks, schools, roads, and utilities.

In Texas, impact fees may also fund water, wastewater, roadway, and drainage facilities. The City of Leander has used impact fees to fund public water and wastewater improvements since 1996.

What the City is Doing

Leander City Council adopted a comprehensive plan and a Transportation Master Plan (PDF) in 2021 to establish a guide for the future development of the city. Roadway impact fees were recommended in the transportation master plan as an additional way for the city to fund the expansion of Leander's future roadways. Other studies may be needed in the future to prepare the city for traffic impacts associated with high-paced growth.

In 2022, the city initiated a roadway impact fee study to determine what amount of fees should be assessed to recover the incremental cost of impacts from each new unit of development on arterial and collector roadways in Leander. Kimley-Horn and Associates (KHA), a planning and design engineering consultant, conducted the study.

Kimley-Horn submitted the Roadway Impact Fee Study Final Report (PDF) on July 7, 2022. Leander City Council approved the Roadway Impact Fees ordinance after holding a briefing workshop in June 2022 and a public hearing in July 2022. The ordinance went into effect on January 7, 2023.