On-Going Athletic Field Rental

Athletic Fields are available for rentals only 2 weeks in advance of the rental date. There are some opportunities for on-going rentals each season. On-going rentals consist of 1 field rental period per group per week for the length of the season. Additional fields can be rented within the normal 2 week rental window based on availability. This policy is aimed to accommodate as many groups as possible. 

  • Requests are evaluated by the Leander Parks and Recreation Department and we hold the right to accept or decline requests.
  • Leander Athletic Leagues take priority over all outside requests.
  • All approved requests are subject to cancellation pending any necessary maintenance and field availability.
  • Official games take priority over practices. Official games are defined as having officials/umpires, score/statistics being kept, and sufficient players to compose of two full teams.
    • Practices are considered:
      1. Teaching players the fundamentals of the sport
      2. Repetition and repeated performance of drills
      3. Additional physical conditioning/exercise
      4. Instructing players pertaining to safety precautions
      5. Scrimmages
  • Recreational and developmental teams/leagues take priority over select leagues/travel teams. Recreational and developmental teams/league are considered groups that focus on game fundamentals, welcome all skill levels, and do not engage in participant dismissal through a try out process.
  • Approved requests will be required to pay a $100 refundable deposit.
  • Payment for field rentals must be made monthly and the first month must be paid for in advance of the first rental period. Any rain outs or cancellations made on behalf of the city due to weather or maintenance will be processed at the end of the each month and rental fees for rental periods will be applied to the next month's rentals. If there is a balance at the end of the season due to rainouts, a refund will be issued.
  • Any cancellations made on behalf of the requesting group must be made at least 1 week in advance. Cancellations made within a week of the rental time will incur a $10 fee in addition to the rental fee for that rental period.
  • Rental availability per season is not always known in advance. Final seasonal availability will be determined by the following dates corresponding to the season noted:
    • Spring - After February 15th
    • Summer - After June 1st
    • Fall -After September 15th
  • Requests will be review by the Parks and Recreation Staff and requesting groups will be notified at maximum 2 days after the above deadlines. Requests submitted after the above deadlines will be evaluated by Parks and Recreation Staff. This evaluation process will take a maximum of 2 weeks, while requests are being evaluated please continue renting fields individually within the normal 2 week period.

If approved your group will need to provide:

  • Proof of First Aid and CPR of onsite coach or volunteer. (These certifications can be obtained through the Williamson County Emergency Medical Services)
  • Proof of Insurance stating the City of Leander as an additional insured (City of Leander, 200 West Willis, Leander, TX 78641) before the first rental date. ($1 million policy minimum)
  • The Leander Parks and Recreation Department may also create a specific rental use agreement to cover the details of the request and clearly outline the duties and expectations of each group.

If this policy is breached, future requests may not be approved and your group may be required to rent within the normal 2 week rental policy. A breach of this policy would be to use the pre-scheduled game times for practice, to use the field times for a different activity/group than requested, or to falsify your request information.

Reservation Process

  1. Complete the On-going Field Rental Request form (PDF) for a specific season and submit by at least 30 days before the above deadlines.
  2. Once approved you will sign a rental agreement covering the rental dates requested.
  3. Payment of the deposit will be due immediately and the field rental fees will be due in full monthly previous to the first rental period of the month.

Supporting Documents