Special Event in the Park Permit

Special permits are required by City Ordinance for the following activities or events.

  • An exhibit, dramatic performance, play, motion picture, radio, or television broadcast, fair, circus, petting zoo, musical event, or similar event
  • A public meeting, assembly, parade, ceremony, address, speech, political meeting, or other gathering involving 100 or more persons
  • An activity using amplified sound
  • To sell, offer or solicit goods or merchandise
  • To post or affix any printed or written matter, sample or devise upon park property
  • To distribute printed or written matter that advertises or provides information about a business, commodity, service, product, or other commercial activity

If your event requires a special permit contact PARD to determine facility availability and then complete the following Special Event in the Park Permit Application form (PDF). Upon receipt of a complete application PARD will notify the applicant regarding the permit application status. Final approval will not be issued until the application is complete and the required rental payment and security deposit are received.

Supporting Documents