Strategic 1-5-10 Year Plan & Annual Reports

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1-5-10-Year Strategic Plan

In 2013, the Leander Police Department held a two-day retreat to participate in leadership training and discuss future organizational development. Emphasis was given to developing a proactive plan to address public safety service delivery and other critical issues anticipated with community growth. In 2018, the plan was updated to confirm the successful implementation of many 2013 recommendations and add new ones.

From these discussions and planning exercises, the "January 5, 2010 Strategic Plan" was developed. This document is intended as a road map for the future of the Leander Police Department and the services we hope to offer our community. During our development of this plan, very specific questions were considered, including:

  • How do we maintain a safe and secure community?
  • How do we enhance our services and interaction with the community we serve?
  • How do we utilize technology and equipment to maximize efficiency?
  • How do we prepare for future growth?
  • How do we plan the organizational structure of the department and deploy personnel effectively?
  • How do we develop employee skills and leadership?

These considerations allowed us to focus on aspects of service delivery that we believe will be critical for the Leander Police Department in the coming years. But by no means is our plan intended to be fully comprehensive or predictable of every need.

About Our Annual Reports

To keep a finger on the pulse of progress at the Leander Police Department, we publish an annual report to update Leander citizens on the goals established in our strategic plan. The annual report is designed to help our community know who we are as a department, understand what we are trying to do on behalf of the community and share in the accomplishments and challenges we experience along the way.