Become a Police Volunteer

Volunteers are one of the most important resources to the Leander Police Department. Many of our programs would not exist without volunteer participation. Volunteers dedicate thousands of hours annually to assist the Leander Police Department and the Leander community.

The Leander Police Department's Volunteers in Policing program offers several areas where volunteers may assist. Volunteer positions include chaplain, victim services advocate, and Citizens on Patrol (COP).

Volunteer Victim Services Advocate

In order to meet the extensive needs of our community with such a small staff, we utilize specially trained advocates. Victim Services Advocates work various shifts, 7 days a week, and respond to a wide range of calls such as homicide, suicide, accidental death, robbery, sexual assault, family violence, as well as others. These unpaid, advocates are trained to assist with death notifications, provide crisis intervention and education, and other relevant services.

Victim Services Advocates are well-trained and committed to assisting and serving members of their community whose lives have been touched by a tragic event. These are caring individuals who are willing to share their time, knowledge, and insights in order to help guide and assist others through a very difficult time. The coordinator is readily available to support the advocates at all times. Visit the Helping Us Help the Community page for more details.

Volunteer Police Chaplain

Citizens from the faith community serve as Police Chaplains. The Chaplaincy Program provides assistance to police and serves all aspects of the Department during critical incidents. Visit the Helping Us Help the Community page for more details.

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Program

Citizens Patrol is a philosophy of policing based on the concept that Police Officers and Private Citizens working together in creative ways can help solve community-related problems. Some of these problems are crime, safety, fear, social and physical disorders, and neighborhood decay.

The primary mission of the Leander Police Department Citizen's Patrol Program is to reduce crime and the fear of crime, improve the quality of life through the development of community awareness and form a partnership between the community and the Leander Police Department. Visit the C.O.P. - Citizens on Patrol page to learn more.