Safe Trade Station

Safe Trade Station FlyerAbout SafeTrade

The general rule for social media trade - Make your deals in public - isn't good enough anymore. As many people have found, trading in a public place or retail parking lot has not been enough to prevent them from being robbed, assaulted, or in extreme cases killed as a result of a social media trade arrangement.

Although the Leander Police Department has not seen any reports like this in Leander, we don't want to, so we are launching a SafeTrade Station at our police department. A SafeTrade Station is a network of law enforcement agencies that have set aside specific locations at their facility for safer social media trade transactions.

How SafeTrade Works

Simple. Those who have made arrangements to buy or sell items over social media such as Facebook groups and Craig's List, agree to meet ONLY at a SafeTrade location. In this case, the SafeTrade location at the Leander Police Department is located at our front plaza near the front door. The area is under video surveillance and in an area clearly marked by SafeTrade signage.

The Leander Police Department registered as a SafeTrade station with the free online service offered by the Advance Interactive Media Group in response to thousands of transactions on social media that have gone awry.

Visit the SafeTrade website to learn more about SafeTrade and other SafeTrade Stations.

Please Be Advised...

Leander Police Personnel do not get involved in, enforce, guarantee, or become a party in any way to the transactions of the individuals trading; we are just offering a safer environment to conduct your prearranged transaction. Currently, the only restrictions on transactions at the Leander Police Department are the buying or selling of weapons or medications of any kind, and obviously, no transactions involving items prohibited by law. We recommend that transactions be conducted during daylight hours for increased safety.

Like any crime prevention initiative, a SafeTrade station is not a 100% guarantee against unpredictable behavior, or that something will go wrong, but it is a step to make your transaction safer.