Emergency Communications Unit

Emergency Communications Unit Banner

The Emergency Communication Unit is under the Emergency Communications Manager, Mark Yamma. The unit is the primary answering point for all non-emergency and emergency 911 calls that originate within the City of Leander (24 hours a day). They are responsible for providing emergency communications for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), as well as calls for the Animal Services Unit. For non-emergency type calls contact 512-528-2800.

Please note: If you live in the Blockhouse Creek or Summerlyn subdivisions, you will need to contact the Williamson County Sheriff's office at 512-864-8282 as they are not in the city limits.

Please be advised, Leander residents who have an emergency should dial 911 to report their emergency, where a 911 operator will answer your request with the following statement:

Leander 911 What is the address of your emergency?

In addition, you will be prompted for the following information:

  • Describe the emergency situation
  • Where is the emergency? (Street address and nearest cross street)
  • What phone number you are calling from

Remember, depending on the type of emergency, you may be asked other questions to obtain additional information.