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On January 21, 1978, the City of Leander was established and shortly after that, C.D. Hill was named as the first City Marshal. Not many months later the Marshal position was abolished and C.D. Hill was named the first Chief of Police for the Leander Police Department. Since its inception, the department has had only six chiefs, C.D. Hill (1978 to 1980), Lee Nusbaum (1980 to 1991), Ray Jones (1991 to 1994), Bolton Linden (1994 to 1997), Don Hatcher (1998 to 2012), and Chief Greg Minton (2012 to Present).

For many years, Leander remained primarily a rural community, well grounded in its agricultural roots. When incorporated, Leander's population was just around 300 people, but in the early 1990's the population had grown to just over 3,300. As the greater Austin area grew, so did many outlying communities such as Leander. More homes, businesses, and schools began to rise as the population slowly but steadily increased to 50,000+. Over the past several years, Leander has become known as one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Texas.

Likewise, the Leander Police Department has grown. For much of its existence, the department consisted of a few sworn officers and civilian staff, as well as a few reserves to augment staffing needs. Today the department consists of over 60 full-time sworn officers and 20 civilian staff members. The police facilities have changed and grown with the increased staffing. The first station was a portable building with two primary workspaces. The department occupied that building from late 1979 to 1983 until it was leveled after a natural gas explosion. After working out of leased space for almost two years, a larger building was purchased and moved to Leander as a new police station on Municipal Drive. In the early 1990s, the police department moved to share space at the City Hall complex on Willis Drive. In 2007, a new facility was opened on Sonny Drive, where it is located today.

Get more information on the Leander Police Department History Book, "Retrospectus: A Photographic History of the Leander Police Department".

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