Fire Marshal's Office Service Fees

Plan Reviews

Plan ReviewsBaseCriteria
New Construction$100Add $0.10 per square foot
New Building - Shell Only$100Add $0.05 per square foot
Remodel / Repair$100N/A
New Construction- Tenant Finish Out$100Add $0.05 per square foot
Fire Sprinkler System Review: Less than 6000 square feet$100N/A
Fire Sprinkler System Review: 6,001 to 12,000 square feet$200N/A
Fire Sprinkler System Review: Greater than 12,000 square feet$300Add $0.01 per square foot greater than 12,000 (Maximum fee $600)
Fire Sprinkler Remodel greater than 20 Heads$100N/A
Fire Alarm Review: Less than 200 devices$100N/A
Fire Alarm Review: Greater than 201 devices$150Add $0.50 per additional device
Alternative Fire Suppression Review$100N/A
Subdivision Plats (Preliminary and Final)$125Per section / phase
Site Development Plans$125Per section / phase

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance TestingBaseCriteria
Certificate of Occupancy Inspection: Less than 10,000 square feet$50N/A
Certificate of Occupancy Inspection: Greater than 10,000 square feet$100N/A
Fire Line Visual / Hydrostatic$80Per visit
Fire Sprinkler Visual / Hydrostatic: Less than 20 heads$100N/A
Fire Sprinkler Visual / Hydrostatic: Greater than 20 heads$150N/A
Natural Gas Systems$80N/A
Alternative Fire Suppression$50Per system
Above / Below Ground Storage Tank$150Per visit
Fuel Line Pressure Test$100Per visit
Fire Alarm System: Less than 200 devices$100N/A
Fire Alarm System: Greater than 201 devices$150Add $0.50 per additional device
Other Fire Code Related Tests$80N/A

Fire Code Permits

Fire Code Permits
Explosive Permits (1.5 and 1.6)$80Per permit
Explosive Permits (1.4)$150Per permit
Explosive Permits (1.3)$200Per permit
Explosive Permits (1.1 and 1.2)$400Per permit
Fireworks Display$100N/A
Temporary Membrane Structures / Tents: 200 to 400 square feet$50Per tent
Temporary Membrane Structures / Tents: Greater than 401 square feet$50Per tent - Add $0.10 per square foot
Cutting / Welding Shops$80N/A
Dry Cleaning Facilities$100N/A
Hazardous Materials$150Based on quantity
Lumberyard / Woodworking$80N/A
Repair Garages / Service Stations$80N/A
Spraying / Dipping$100N/A
Other Fire Permits as Required by Fire Code$80N/A
Mass Gathering greater than 1,000 people$200Additional fees for personnel/equipment

Annual Inspections

Annual InspectionsBaseCriteria
Daycare Annual: Less than 25 Children$50N/A
Daycare Annual: Greater than 26 Children$100N/A
Registered Family Home$100N/A
Healthcare Assisted Living$120Add $1 per bed
Hospital / Licensed Clinic$160Add $1 per bed
Home Foster Care$40N/A


First Re-Inspection$0N/A
Second Re-Inspection$100N/A
Subsequent Re-Inspections**$150Inspections that require a fee before scheduling are limited to one failure before assessment of re-inspection fees. Upon failure of fourth inspection, submitting party must re-submit and pay all applicable fees associated with the project or inspection.