Crime Scene / Evidence Unit

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The Leander Police Department's Crime Scene/Evidence Unit is a component of the Criminal Investigations Division. The main function of the Unit is the processing of crime scenes and the preservation of evidence.

The Unit is comprised of an Evidence Supervisor and Crime Scene/Evidence Specialists, whose primary duties include processing crime scenes to recover fingerprints, footprints, blood, hair, fibers, or any other items deemed as evidence. They also make sure that the evidence is properly processed, preserved, and stored for later presentation in court, where they will likely testify for the prosecution and on behalf of the victim(s) of a particular crime. Members of the unit must be organized and have a high attention to detail, possess common sense and good judgment, and the ability to maintain their poise under the pressure of a major crime scene or when testifying in court.

The successful prosecution of criminal cases requires a thorough and professional police investigation which frequently integrates the skills of personnel trained in evidence detection, preservation, collection, and analysis. This process, very often, begins at the crime scene. The Crime Scene/Evidence Unit was established for the purpose of providing specialized and technical services for the City of Leander and surrounding areas. While the majority of responses are major crime scenes, this Unit is regularly called upon to assist Leander officers in a variety of criminal cases. These specialists receive extensive training in forensic disciplines which include latent fingerprints, photography, evidence collection, and crime scene reconstruction and processing.

The Leander Police Department maintains much of the latest crime scene equipment and forensic technology, which improves every year along with the growing department. Deploying specialized crime scene vehicles, this Unit responds to calls for service for patrol officers, TEAM Unit (Traffic Unit), and detectives. These specialized vehicles are equipped with forensic equipment, chemicals, and supplies necessary to conduct crime scene processing in the field. These vehicles operate Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm with crime scene and evidence specialists available 24/7 for after-hours calls for service, and can often be seen at a variety of community events.

Crime Scene/Evidence Specialists are also responsible for the evidence/property management function of the department. Each specialist receives training and certification from T.A.P.E.I.T. (Texas Association of Property and Evidence Inventory Technicians), networking with other law enforcement agencies across the state. Crime Scene/Evidence Specialists receive property and evidence submitted to the Leander Police Department by properly inventorying, packaging, sealing, and storing items in such a manner as to preserve the evidence until requested for analysis, courtroom proceedings, or until the statute of limitations expires.

Crime Scene/Evidence Specialists also work to routinely purge the storage areas of property no longer deemed evidentiary. Following procedures set forth in the Texas Criminal Code of Procedure, items are purged through authorized release, public auction, department use, or destruction.

Crime Scene/Evidence Specialists are available for property intake and release Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm but you will need to make an appointment in order to retrieve property. Those retrieving property should provide valid photo identifications along with proper court documents i.e., court dispositions, court orders, certified letters, case investigator authorization, etc. 

For assistance please call 512-528-2924 or email the Crime Scene/Evidence Unit.