Police Records & Permits

Alarm Permits

The City of Leander requires alarm system users to obtain an alarm permit from an outside vendor. 

Wrecker Rotation List Permit

The City of Leander requires wreckers operating within the city responding to incident management events to obtain a permit, be included on a rotation list, and have all vehicles in their fleet inspected.

Police Records

To learn more about Open Record Requests, visit the Police Records page.

Accident Reports

Accident reports (requested under Texas Government Code Section 552.023) are available to the public for a $6 fee ($8 for a certified copy). This fee is mandated by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). TxDOT gives officers 10 days to complete written accident reports (CR3s). Please allow up to 10 days processing time for these reports to be completed and error-free.