Trench Burn Facts

Trench Burn Operation

An Air Trench Burn is a process that, under the right circumstances, is allowed through a permit process administered by the Leander Fire Department, Fire Marshal's Office.

An air trench burn operation promotes efficient burning, producing less smoke and less fire embers.

  • The trench burn site must be located more than 300 feet from any property line and all burning is below ground. The required dimension of the pit are to be 14 feet wide, 40 feet long and 10 feet deep secured by an 8 foot fence surrounding the pit and blower.
  • The trench burner must be located at the center of a circle three hundred feet in diameter in which no combustible matter will be located or stored, except for the pile of combustible debris which has been readied for loading into the trench burner pit.
  • The pit, air blower or fan and other operating equipment shall be securely enclosed by a locked gate and security fence of a minimum height of 8 feet which completely surrounds the pit and equipment at all times when the trench burner is unattended. The fencing shall not be removed until the pit is closed and filled.
  • The hours of continuous loading operation shall be between 8 am and 4 pm. Trench burners may not be operated on legal holidays and in accordance with the State of Texas requirements for trench burns and City Ordinance.
  • The blower or fan will be allowed to operate an additional two hours from 4 to 6 pm to ensure cool down after its period of continuous loading operations.
  • No combustible material may be added to the fire between 4 pm of one day and 8 am of the following day.
  • The hours of operation may be changed by the Fire Code Official when unusual atmospheric conditions exist.
  • No burning is permitted when air stagnation advisories are in effect for the area in which the mobile incinerator is located.
  • No burning is permitted during periods of high fire hazard weather conditions.