Prevention & Life Safety Division

The Fire Marshal currently oversees an Administrative Assistant, a Fire Plan Reviewer, four Fire Inspector/Investigators, and three code enforcement officers. In addition to the necessary fire department member requirements, each Fire Inspector/Investigator is required to maintain a State of Texas Commissioned Fire Inspector/plan reviewer and Fire Investigator certification(s). The Fire Marshal is a licensed Peace Officer through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. The Department is currently in the process of certifying the remaining Prevention and Live Safety team members as licensed Peace Officers. Being a Peace Officer provides investigators with arresting powers and the necessary authority to conduct efficient and comprehensive investigations. Our Fire Plan Reviewer is a civilian team member that is an Architect and is State certified as a fire inspector and plan reviewer. All Code enforcement team members are certified by the Texas Department of License and Registration as Code Enforcement Officers.

In addition to the license and certifications above, all team members are required to maintain knowledge, skills and competent abilities through various continuing education opportunities and in-service mentorship programs. Team members must stay current on all aspects of their duties to include new construction materials, investigation procedures, new codes and regulation requirements, and developments in fire prevention methods and the code enforcement environment.

  1. Joshua Davis

    Joshua Davis

    Assistant Fire Chief / Fire Marshal

  1. Eddie Bailey

    Eddie Bailey

    Fire Inspector / Investigator (Captain)

  1. Robert (Bobby) Arnold

    Fire Inspector / Investigator (Lieutenant)

  1. Amy Thomas

    Fire Inspector / Investigator (Lieutenant)

  1. Fire Inspector / Investigator (Driver Pump Operator [DPO])

  1. Alma Trevino

    Code Enforcement Manager

  1. Tonnia Gibbs

    Senior Code Enforcement Officer

  1. David Bechtold

    Code Enforcement Officer

  1. Seth Robinson

    Fire Plan Reviewer

  1. Kimberley Penberg

    Administrative Assistant