Wrecker Rotation List Permit

The City of Leander requires wreckers operating within the city responding to incident management events to obtain a permit, be included on a rotation list, and have all vehicles in their fleet inspected. There is a limited number of permits issued at any time and many requirements for permit holders. To find out more about when a wrecker is required to have a permit, and the requirements of permit holders, please see the document titled "Leander Wrecker Ordinance" below in the documents section

If you are interested in becoming a permitted wrecker company and would be able to comply with all requirements, please email Wrecker Rotation with any questions.

Please note: We are currently accepting applications for Wrecker Rotation List Permits.

To apply, please complete the Wrecker Rotation List Permit Application in the documents section and submit it to the email listed above. Applications will be accepted until the Wrecker Rotation List is full and will be re-opened when there are vacancies. If you are interested in obtaining a permit when there are no openings, check back on this page frequently for new postings.