Professional Standards

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Professional Standards encompasses three main areas: Recruiting/Hiring, Training, and Internal Affairs. PSD is supervised by Sergeant T Blase.

Recruiting / Hiring

Professional Standards is responsible for recruiting efforts related to sworn and civilian positions within the department. They coordinate all hiring processes including testing, interviews, and oral boards. For questions regarding recruiting, email an LPD Recruiter.


Professional Standards is responsible for all training records, coordinating training, and facilitating internal training. They also manage the department's field training program.

Internal Affairs

Professional Standards is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the Police Department, as well as the rights of all citizens that our officers come in contact with. The division is also responsible for safeguarding departmental members against malicious and untruthful allegations of misconduct.

Complaint Process

It is the policy of this department that all complaints against employees or the department, received from any source will be documented and investigated. It is the intent of this policy to:

  1. Protect the employee, the community, and the department
  2. Identify and correct inappropriate behavior
  3. Identify and remedy procedural problems
  4. Enhance the profession of law enforcement

It shall be the policy of this department to comply with the Legislative amendments to Chapter 2, Code of Criminal Procedure; Articles 2.131 through 2.136, relating to what has been referred to as the "Racial Profiling Law". Racial Profiling means a law enforcement-initiated action based on an individual's race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than on the individual's behavior or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity. "Racial Profiling," as defined herein, is prohibited by Peace Officers of this department.

It is the policy of this department that incidents that involve a difference of opinion between a Police Officer and a citizen, solely over the guilt or innocence of an offense, shall not be investigated officially. Complainants in such cases shall be advised to pursue adjudication through the court system. No documentation will be required in these specific instances.

Complaints may be submitted on the form provided by the Leander Police Department or in the form of a signed letter. The forms are available at the front desk of the Police Department as well as the link below. Unsigned or anonymous complaints shall be initially reviewed as an administrative inquiry. Complaint forms can be emailed to Professional Standards.