Water & Wastewater

The Water and Wastewater Division is responsible for the daily operation of water distribution, treatment, and wastewater collection in the city.

This division operates two wastewater facilities (Leander 2243 Wastewater Treatment Plant and Travisso Water Reclamation Plant), maintains all of the city's water and wastewater infrastructure lines, locates, and service taps, and oversees the Sandy Creek Water Treatment Plant, which is contracted to Brazos River Authority (BRA) for maintenance and daily operation.

Additionally, the City of Leander participates in the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA), a regional partnership with the cities of Cedar Park and Round Rock that treats and distributes water from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) to provide water to Leander's current and future residents.

Water and Wastewater Division staff are divided into three core service areas - Administration, Water and Wastewater Line Maintenance, and Wastewater Operations - that work together to ensure Leander customers are provided with efficient and effective services.


Staff are responsible for regulatory water and wastewater reporting, staffing, and customer service, which includes requests for water and wastewater tap connections, receiving and dispatching personnel to water line breaks, wastewater backups, and utility locations prior to digging.

Water & Wastewater Line Maintenance

Staff is responsible for maintaining, repairing, replacing, overseeing the construction of new water and wastewater lines, clearing and repairing manholes and covers, clearing wastewater lines, fire hydrant flushing, sewer back-ups and valve-turning throughout the city boundaries and extra territorial jurisdictions.

Quick Tips

If you have a water leak, sewer backup or blockage, let us be your first responder! Call us at 512-259-2640 during normal business hours. Call the same number after hours and press option 1.

Call the city first when you have a water leak so we can investigate and provide further instructions.
Check your meter. This may help to show what side your leak is on, which will help to identify if the leakage is located on a public water service line or on a private residential service line.
Leaks occurring BEYOND the water meter are the customer's responsibility.
Most services after the water meter have a customer valve which allows you to shut off the water service that feeds into your house without disturbing the public service line.
Call the city first when you have a sewer backup or blockage, so we can investigate and provide further instructions.

Wastewater Operations

Staff are responsible for operating and maintaining the city's wastewater treatment facilities. Both domestic and commercial/industrial wastewater that is collected at the Leander 2243 Wastewater Treatment Plant undergoes a treatment process in compliance the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) wastewater treatment guidelines. The processed sludge is pressed into a recyclable product which is then transported to Williamson County Landfill for disposal. The treated effluent is then discharged into Brushy Creek.

All wastewater generated within the Travisso residential subdivision is collected at the Travisso Water Reclamation Plant. Processed sludge is digested and hauled to the Leander 2243 plant for additional treatment and processing. Treated effluent from Travisso is then used as reclaimed and recycled water for landscaping irrigation purposes in public rights-of-way, greenbelts, and the community golf course.