Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

Backflow ValveThe purpose of cross-connection control and backflow prevention is to ensure that all drinking water systems remain clean and safe for public use. Federal, state and local codes require public water systems to:

  • Conduct customer service inspections on private plumbing systems
  • Require backflow protection using appropriate backflow assemblies
  • Require those assemblies be tested to ensure they are working correctly

Cross-Connection & Backflow Prevention Ordinance

By ordinance, some property owners in Leander are required to install and maintain backflow prevention devices and perform annual tests on them as proof of compliance. See Ordinance 17-056-00 (PDF) for more information.

A Consumer's Guide to Backflow Prevention in Texas

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires all community water systems to maintain a cross-connection control program for protection of the system that distributes drinking water to your home or business. Read more in the Consumer's Guide to Backflow Prevention in Texas (PDF).

As part of this TCEQ requirement, residents with a septic system on their property must install a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer (RPZ) on their irrigation system and have it tested annually. As a courtesy, the City of Leander grandfathered existing double check valve assemblies (DCVA) if they were in service at the beginning of the program and were tested annually.

Please note that grandfathered double check valve assemblies needing replacement must be replaced with an RPZ as required by state regulations.

Licensed Testers

The purpose of form TCEQ-20700 Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report (T&M form) is to document the results of testing a backflow prevention assembly.

  • New installations - The T&M form must be printed and signed by a licensed tester who performed the work and a copy provided to BSI via email.
  • Existing assemblies - Licensed testers must submit test results to BSI.

Form TCEQ-20700