Urban Design

Drawing of Town

About the Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The TOD is the area in the northeast quadrant of the City, including "Old Town", areas west of U.S. 183, south of FM 2243, and going north, almost to the San Gabriel River. It is made up of "Transect Zones" that describe the levels of density and intensity (i.e. T1=rural to T3=suburban to T5 and T6=urban). The Transect Map (TOD Master plan) shows the transect districts for the TOD.

The TOD is governed by the Leander Smart Code, unlike the rest of the City which is governed by the Composite Zoning Ordinance. In the Smart Code, emphasis is placed on the location and public interface of development, i.e. "Form", rather than the use of the property. The Smart Code is based upon New Urbanism principals designed to create traditional pedestrian-oriented communities with neighborhoods and town centers with a mix and integration of residential, commercial and retail uses. For more information or for an application and checklist, contact the Urban Design Officer.