Urban Awards

  • 2006 Envision Central Texas Stewardship Award. - Best Planning Effort
  • 2007 Congress on New Urbanism Inaugural Driehaus Form - Based Codes Award

("Leander had the foresight and courage to plan for the explosive development expected to result from pending transportation improvements. The current population of 17,000 (actually 24,000) is anticipated to exceed 200,000 as Leander is linked to Austin by toll way and regional commuter rail. This mandatory code is a clear and effective customization of the Smart Code template that addresses the complicated issues of Texas planning laws and adds architectural standards that address the look and feel of the development area. The template language has been well edited to achieve the necessary level of precision, and the customization of template formatting and typography were particularly well done, improving clarity, ease of use and the attractiveness of the document to a degree that this code can serve as a model for other Smart Code calibrations covering limited areas.")