Rebates for Water Efficiency

Leander residents can benefit from a water efficiency rebate program offered by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), the agency which supplies raw water to our city treatment plants. Rebates are offered for certain items to do upgrades to plumbing, sprinkler systems and swimming pools on existing properties. Rebates are also offered for some items related to lawn care. Rebates for a single customer can equal 50% of costs up to $600 per customer.

Items covered include:

  • Up to $5 per pressure-regulating sprinkler head or nozzle.
  • Up to $100 for pressure reducing valves and inline pressure regulators.
  • Up to $100 for smart controllers carrying the EPA WaterSense label.
  • Up to $250 for soil moisture sensors.
  • Up to $20 for rain sensors.
  • Up to $250 for a high-efficiency cartridge pool filter.
  • Up to $50 for a manual or solar ring pool cover, or up to $200 for a permanent mechanical pool cover.
  • Up to $100 for lawn aeration equipment rental or contractor costs.
  • Up to $300 for compost and mulch (Does not include Dillo dirt, rock or rubber).
  • Up to $50 for a Texas A&M AgriLife extension soil test, or 50% of the cost up to $125 for a Texas Plant and Soil Lab soil test.

To apply for a rebate, go to the LCRA WaterSmart website. You must apply within 90 days of the purchase, and your application must include itemized receipts and photos of the equipment after installation. The rebates cover equipment but not labor and tax.

You may contact LCRA staff via email for more information about rebates.