T68 Traffic Signal Installation at Ronald Reagan Boulevard & Hero Way

  • ID: T.68
  • Type: Intersection Improvements
  • Phase: Construction

Project Summary

See the Project Map.

Improvement construction of Ronald Reagan and Hero Way including installation and removal of temporary signals, installation of permanent traffic signals, re-striping of pavement marking and erosion and sedimentation controls.

View project schedule (PDF).

Status Updates

  • March 28, 2023 - The new traffic signal has been installed and is now live and functioning properly.
  • January 12, 2023 - Contractors installed a temporary traffic signal that will be in "flash" mode to warn everyone for about seven to 10 days before it is put into regular operation. Please use caution in this area.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Oversight

This project is managed under the city's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), a comprehensive planning effort designed to prioritize and coordinate the development of capital projects to meet Leander's public infrastructure needs today and in the future.