Rancho Sienna Water

Property owners in the Rancho Sienna subdivision and nearby areas are now City of Leander water customers. Answers to common questions are shown below to assist new customers throughout this service transition and may be updated to reflect feedback from the Rancho Sienna community.

Please monitor this page for updates.

The City of Leander is committed to working with your designated Rancho Sienna Community Association manager to provide water service updates and information:
Spring Sullivan
Community Association Manager
Email Rancho Sienna Manager

As Leander water customers, residents of Rancho Sienna should also follow the city's water conservation guidelines, which provide details about our conservation status, your designated watering schedule, as well as other recommended actions in support of a healthy public water system.

Water Conservation in Leander

View current water conservation phases and updates on our water conservation page.

Contact Us

Please go to the Utilities page for more account and service information. To speak with a customer service representative, please contact City of Leander Utilities during normal business hours at Leander City Hall.