Conserve water and save money by turning off sprinklers for winter

10/31/2023 — Turning back your clock for the time change on Sunday is also a good reminder to take care of the clock running your sprinkler system by turning it off for the winter. 

That’s right, with the end of daylight saving time comes the end of irrigation season. In the cool months, your landscaping doesn’t need much water other than what nature provides in rainfall. 

While you’ll gain some more ZZZ’s this Sunday with an extra hour of sleep, you will keep a lot more $$$’s all winter by cutting water bills from not irrigating until early March. 

Remember, as well, that your average water consumption from December, January and February is used to calculate your sewer charges for the next year. By consuming less water, you’ll hold down the amounts you pay for wastewater service. 

Most importantly, however, is that by not running irrigation you’ll be helping our city’s water source, Lake Travis, recover from its depleted state. This will help us be ready for next year.

For more information about irrigation and watering rules or general questions about water conservation, call Bill Teeter, city conservation programs coordinator, at [email protected] or 512-528-2935.