Old Town Master Plan

Old Town Master PlanThe Leander Old Town Master Plan paints a community backed vision for Old Town and develops future action items to strengthen the downtown area. A strong and vibrant downtown can be a key economic driver for the community to support and sustain growth over time.

Completed in Sept. 2023, the purpose of the master plan is to:

  • Evaluate the branding of Old Town and create a vision and cohesive design theme including a Master Sign Plan and development of a plan for entry features to define the area.
  • Develop a parking strategy that provides an assessment of existing parking and proposed solutions.
  • Propose updates to the zoning to support desired land uses.
  • Evaluate and plan for infrastructure including a needs assessment including the use and/or improvement to the existing substandard alleys.
  • Review, evaluate, and propose a Capital Improvement Plan that is based on a needs analysis for improving the infrastructure for both pedestrians and vehicles in Old Town.
  • Complete a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, including a review of the land use, infrastructure, civic and public space, design and preservation elements.
  • Re-examine the boundaries of Old Town and determine if there should be two separate districts.