Sign Ordinance

The City's sign ordinance establishes a comprehensive system of reasonable, effective, consistent, content-neutral, and nondiscriminatory sign standards and requirements. Ordinance provisions were adopted pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 216, Section 259.003 , Election Code, and the City Charter. In accordance with the Texas Local Government Code, provisions shall apply to all signs in the city limits and to the areas in the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

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Leander sign guide

The city's sign guide provides a brief summary* of permitted signage and requirements. *Please review all sign ordinance documentation prior to completing a sign permit application.

Recent amendments

On Nov. 2, 2023, the City adopted sign ordinance amendments to update definitions for neighborhood amenity signs, sign illumination, and update Master Sign Plan details.

Ordinance purpose

  1. Preserve and protect the public health , safety and welfare of the citizens of the city;
  2. Balance public and private objectives by allowing adequate signage for business identification;
  3. Maintain and enhance the aesthetic environment and the city's ability to attract sources of economic development and growth;
  4. Improve pedestrian and traffic safety;
  5. Promote community pride and a positive image for the City;
  6. Protect the rights of persons and businesses to freedom of speech under State of Texas and federal law;
  7. Reduce the confusion and traffic hazards that result from excessive and prolific use of sign displays;
  8. Protect property values, the local economy, and the quality of life by preserving and enhancing the appearance of the streetscape which affects the image of the city;
  9. Address the latest and emerging technologies in the sign industry in such as electronic message centers and other types of illuminated signs in a way that allows persons and businesses to convey and communicate while also protecting the use and character of neighborhoods as well as enhancing the commercial corridors;
  10. Implement the City's Comprehensive Plan and other related plans and vision statements; and
  11. Enable the fair and consistent enforcement of these sign regulations.