US 183 Corridor Study

US 183 corridor Opens in new windowThe City of Leander is conducting a study of the US 183 corridor from 183A Toll (north end) to Osage Drive (south end) to identify future mobility improvements and land use opportunities along the corridor.

The study will consist of public involvement, traffic analysis, alternatives analysis, development of a preferred alternative, conceptual improvements to US 183, concept plan development for 5 planning "subareas" near the corridor, and prioritization of short-, mid-, and long-term improvements. Short-term project recommendations may also support federal and/or state grant funding opportunities. A document summarizing the study's findings will be developed as a final deliverable for adoption by Leander City Council.

To help guide this study, a list of key stakeholders has been created, which includes business leaders, community leaders, key homeowner associations and property owners, staff from City departments, Leander Independent School District, Austin Community College, and any other entities identified in the engagement process.

During the information gathering process, Leander community members will be given opportunities to share feedback that will help guide the study’s final recommendations for US 183 corridor improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Corridor Study is conducted to develop a community’s future vision for a specified corridor (roadway). Various technical analyses and public engagement are conducted to inform development of conceptual plans and recommendations for improving safety and mobility along a corridor.

The US 183 Corridor Study will help identify barriers to bicycle and pedestrian access, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) deficiencies, operational issues, traffic congestion, safety issues, and potential challenges that could arise due to future development along US 183 in Leander.

Technical Working Group

In addition to public input, a Technical Working Group has been established with representatives from the following public entities:

  • City of Leander
  • Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)
  • Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)
  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
  • Williamson County
  • CapMetro
  • City of Cedar Park

Contact Us

For more information about the US 183 Corridor Study, contact Public Information Officer Ty Meighan at 512-528-2951 or email us.