Ronald Reagan Blvd Traffic Study

In October 2021, the City contracted with Huitt-Zollars engineering firm to investigate existing conditions along Ronald Reagan Boulevard, a north-south road corridor in Leander, Texas, between the Republic Trails-Journey Pkwy intersection and State Highway 29 (SH 29) and provide recommendation for future traffic operations. The final report provides an analysis of existing traffic conditions, as well as projected traffic conditions in 2026 and 2031.

In order to conduct this study, existing turning movement counts and field observations for all major intersections within the 5.5-mile study area along Ronald Reagan Blvd were obtained on December 7, 2021 for weekday peak hours and December 11, 2021 for Saturday Mid-Day peak hours. Traffic volumes were analyzed to determine the weekday AM and PM peak hour volumes and peak hour factors for all 15 intersections.

From the evaluation of the intersection sight distance analysis, and the Existing, 5-Year, and 10-Year conditions, it was concluded that the operation of all intersections along Ronald Reagan Blvd are negatively impacted by the proposed developments and future growth. It was also observed that there is a significant amount of traffic in the northbound and southbound directions along Ronald Reagan Blvd, which suggest that an expressway may be needed to provide better progression through the corridor as traffic continues to increase. Therefore, it is recommended that the City monitor and further evaluate the corridor as future developments are constructed.