BCRUA pipeline repair, shutdown expected in March

Water Use TrackerStarting Wednesday, Feb. 28, contractors for the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) will begin replacing approximately 1,400 feet of 36-inch underwater pipeline used to convey raw water from Lake Travis to the BCRUA water treatment plant, Leander's primary source for potable water. On Thursday, Jan. 18, Leander City Council received a presentation on the planned repair.

Phase 4 measures start Feb. 12

Project construction will require a shutdown of the BCRUA water treatment plant, thereby reducing Leander's overall capacity of potable water from roughly 24 million gallons per day (MGD) to 9 MGD. In order to curtail water demands and consumption, Leander will transition to Phase 4 emergency conservation measures starting Monday, Feb. 12, in an effort to reduce all nonessential water uses.

All Leander water customers should turn off irrigation systems and limit all nonessential water uses. Phase 4 measures are designed to limit the daily water demand to no more than 50 percent capacity. Reduction to no more than 9 MGD is required from the start of repairs on Feb. 28 through its completion by the first week of April. In January, Leander water customers averaged 8.6 MGD with a maximum usage of 11.7 MGD recorded on Jan. 16.

Council approves resolution supporting Phase 4 actions

02/01/2024 — Leander City Council approved a resolution Thursday, Feb. 1, in support of emergency water conservation measures related to the BCRUA pipeline replacement project. Several temporary actions listed in the resolution will be implemented in conjunction with the City's Phase 4 transition starting Feb. 12. Some actions include ceasing issuance of new bulk meters, irrigation permits, and pool permits.

Read more about Phase 4, BCRUA pipeline history, and frequently asked questions below.

The anticipated shutdown of the BCRUA water treatment plant will prompt the City of Leander to initiate Phase 4 water conservation measures starting Monday, Feb. 12, and is expected to continue until repairs are complete, which is estimated by the first week of April. Phase 4 emergency response measures are part of the City's overall water conservation and drought contingency plan.

Phase 4 conservation measures restrict any or all nonessential uses of water. Everyday water uses like drinking, bathing, and washing clothes and dishes are still allowed. However, all other nonessential water uses should be reduced as much as possible to keep water demands low.

Customer actions during Phase 4:

  • Turn off irrigation systems completely.
  • Check faucets, pipes, and appliances for potential water leaks and contact a licensed plumber to repair immediately.
  • Minimize total water usage to the greatest extent possible.

City actions during Phase 4:

  • Shut off irrigation systems at City-owned facilities.
  • Read meters as often as needed to ensure program compliance for the benefit of all customers.
  • Minimize flushing for dead-end mains.
  • Prohibit applications for new, additional, expanded, or larger water service connections, meters, service lines, pipeline extensions, mains, or water service facilities unless a project is deemed necessary to facilitate system repair.

Phase 4 enforcement

Each violation that occurs within a 12-month period during Phase 4 conservation measures may be enforced pursuant to the following:

ViolationResidential CustomersCommercial Customers
First offenseCourtesy warningCourtesy warning
Second and subsequent offense(s)$1,000 and emergency disconnection*$1,000 and emergency disconnection*

* Water service may be disconnected under the emergency disconnection procedures set forth in code of ordinances Sec. 13.09.014(d)(1) for a second violation that occurs during Phase 4 conservation.


The Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) is a partnership of the cities of Leander, Cedar Park, and Round Rock to treat and distribute water from the Lower Colorado River Authority.