What does our patch symbolize?
  • The Guardian: Represents the noble warrior, defender, and protector.
  • The Armour: Protects the heart, mind, and soul of those chosen to wear it. It is only worn by those willing to bear its weight.
  • The Wings: Symbolizes the "Guardian Spirit" within all those who are called to protective service.
  • The Spear: Represents the weapons that are sometimes necessary to preserve life, a value that some have little regard for.
  • The Great State of Texas: We defend her people, her laws, and her honor with vigilance and courage.
  • The Three Stars: Represents the principles of discipline, integrity, and teamwork.
  • The Olive Branches: The symbol for peace is our goal to resolve all operations in a peaceful manner, with no loss of life.

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1. What does our patch symbolize?