How can tax revenue be used?

In 2021, a 1% sales tax in Leander generated $9.8 million in revenue which provided funding for infrastructure improvements, parks, recreation programs, public safety operations, economic development, and many other public services and projects.

In March 2022, Leander City Council passed a resolution (Resolution 22-007-00 Sales Tax Revenue Priorities (PDF) stating the City's desired priorities for the future use of an additional 1% general revenue sales tax in the event a majority of voters vote "No" to Proposition A and "Yes" to Proposition B. The priorities, in no particular order, include:

  • Establishing a special revenue fund solely for economic development uses.
  • Meeting the transit needs of the Leander community by providing public transportation services.
  • Enhancing and expanding critical city infrastructure and services to support strategic residential and commercial growth.

All sales tax revenues allocated to the City of Leander are budgeted within the city's General Fund, and expenditures are subject to annual appropriation and authorization as directed by Leander City Council. View a historical summary of Leander's 1% sales tax revenue allocations.

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1. How can tax revenue be used?
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