I live in the city limits of Leander; why can't I burn my tree trimmings and brush?

Burning within the Leander city limits is prohibited by city ordinance.

Section 5.05.003 Prohibited Acts; Exceptions

It shall be unlawful for any person within the city limits, in any way, to intentionally, knowingly or carelessly burn or cause to be burned any combustibles, including but not limited to grass, weeds, timber, rubbish, leaves, or other natural or synthetic materials, garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, solid waste, hazardous waste or any such like substances, on any street, alley, lot or premises. Such prohibited fires shall include bonfires and fires used for ceremonial purposes not in compliance herewith. The following exceptions to burning apply:

  1. Burning may be conducted for the purposes of outdoor cooking in a device designated and constructed for such a purpose in compliance with this article. No burning of waste or garbage shall be permitted in cooking devices.
  2. Firefighter training conducted under the supervision of the fire marshal.
  3. On-site land clearing on lots of greater than two acres upon which the owner intends to clear the lot itself of selected trees, brush and other plant growth. When approved by the fire marshal, burning may be permitted in a manner approved by the fire marshal, provided a standby firefighter is present if required by the fire marshal and the on-site land clearing is conducted in compliance with state, federal and local laws and regulations. A permit shall be acquired and approved safety measures shall be employed.

Legal Burning PileOutdoor Burning

The City of Leander has enacted Ordinance 13-038-00 Article 5.05 prohibiting outdoor burning within the City limits. Areas falling outside the provisions of this ordinance must comply with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality laws and regulations. Read more on the Outdoor Burning page.

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