What do firefighters do during the day when not on emergency calls?


When a firefighter arrives at the station for a shift, their first priority is to check the trucks and personal protective equipment and get ready for the next call. Although they do not fix major mechanical problems with the fire engines, the firefighters often do minor repairs.

Planning & Training

Firefighters are constantly training and learning and practicing. The LFD Training Division makes sure that firefighters keep up with Medical, Fire, Special Operations, and other trainings. Firefighters train as a department 3 days a week, and with their individual companies every shift.


Firefighters also address "house work." Leander firefighters live at the stations 24 hours; it is their second home. The stations and trucks are viewed as the citizens property which the firefighters are responsible for maintaining and caring for. Firefighters sweep, mop, throw out the trash, dust, wash linens and windows, and clean the fire trucks. We also take care of small maintenance issues such as painting.

Public Outreach

Firefighters often provide station tours for the public or speak at special events. These talks cover many topics such as: babysitting safety, exit drills in the home, wildfire safety, fire prevention, and using a fire extinguisher.

Physical Training

Leander firefighters must work out for 1 hour each shift. Firefighters undergo a battery of exams and self fitness assessments, and physicals to help ensure that we remain healthy from year to year.

Equipment Testing

Individual companies inspect and test all of the fire hydrants and every linear foot the fire hoses throughout the year to ensure that they are prepared to fight fires.

Reporting / Documentation

Firefighters must document each event they respond to, no matter how big or small. Most reports take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Also, each individual piece of equipment check or maintenance is documented and recorded. A Leander firefighter can often times spend between 2 to 6 hours a day on documentation.

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