What do firefighters do at night?

Firefighters are always in "ready response" mode, so their day is by no means over after 5 pm. In fact, sometimes companies work throughout the night with no sleep at all.

When not responding to calls, Leander firefighters are allowed to "relax" after 6 pm. Firefighters spend this time to call home, visit with family, study for tests (promotion, annual re-certification, college degree etc.), read, or watch T.V.

Sometimes the department conducts periodic "night drills" at odd hours to keep firefighters adjusted to differing conditions.

Usually the stations are fairly quiet at night and have been cleaned and prepped for the "shift change" that takes place promptly at 7 am the following morning. Firefighters try to catch some sleep (trucks coming and going from the station, dispatch radio squawking in the background, etc) but are always ready to jump and run at a seconds notice.

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