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Open Records Request

  1. Please complete the web form below to obtain or review copies of public information maintained by the City of Leander. You may also review our public information notice for guidance regarding city procedures and your rights as a requestor.

    Please note: Pursuant to section 552.234 of the Texas Government Code, your request will not be considered unless it is submitted using one of the physical or electronic methods shown on this page.

    Police Records

    Requests for police records must be submitted to the police department. Police records include any criminal case files and related arrest actions or police actions taken. Police actions that do not meet a criminal case threshold would include calls for service. For further instructions, please view the Police Records page.

    If you are unable to complete the electronic form, please download the paper version - Open Records Request Form (PDF), and submit it by fax, standard mail, or in person:

    Leander City Hall
    Attn: City Secretary's Office
    105 N Brushy Street
    Leander, Texas 78641

    Fax. 512-690-2193

    If you have questions or need assistance, please email Open Records Request or call the City Secretary's Office at 512-528-2743.

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  7. If known, please include a time period for when the above information was relevant.

  8. Redaction of Information

    Under the Public Information Act, some categories of information do not have to be released. Exceptions to disclosure fall into two general categories:

    1. Mandatory exceptions that make information confidential and require a governmental body to withhold information.
    2. Discretionary exceptions allow but do not require a governmental body to withhold information. You may find information about mandatory and discretionary exceptions on the Confidential Information Under the Public Information Act page.

    In most instances, a governmental body is required to request a decision from the Attorney General in order to withhold information from a requestor. However, a requestor may permit a governmental body to redact information without requesting an Attorney General decision. You are not required to agree to the redaction of any information responsive to your request, but doing so may streamline the handling of your request. If you agree to redactions in this request, then you may request the redacted information in a future information request.

  9. Do you agree to the redaction of information that is subject to (mandatory) exceptions, provided such redactions are clearly labeled on the information you received?*
  10. Do you agree to the redaction of information that is subject to (discretionary) exceptions, provided such redactions are clearly labeled on the information you received? *
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  12. How would you like to have the information provided?*
  13. If available, do you wish to receive an electronic copy of the information?*
  14. Please note: If your description is unclear, or if a large amount of information is requested, you may be contacted to discuss clarifying or narrowing your request. There also may be fees associated with the production of information. Learn more about these charges under the Public Information Act on the Charges for Pub­lic Information page.

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