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Site Visit Request

  1. Details

    To request a site visit, complete the site visit Request Form. Keep in mind that the location we are requested to visit should be a public place with easy exits in the event of an emergency. You can tell us the length of the entire event, but we may only be able to commit to one hour if we are sending an on-duty truck.

    Requests are reserved on a first come, first served basis and will require approval from the on-duty Battalion Chief before being scheduled. You will receive an email confirmation from Administration upon approval or a phone call if other arrangements need to be made.

  2. Please enter the first and last name of the person making a request. This should be the point of contact for the group requesting the site visit.

  3. Organization hosting the event

  4. Enter your group meeting location, or location for your event - street address. This will be verified to determine your organization falls within our Fire Response District and if we can come to your event.

  5. City*

    Select your residential city within the Leander Fire District. Call 528-2848 if you're unsure of your responding fire department.

  6. Enter one email address used by the contact person for the confirmation to be sent to. For more than one contact please list them in the "other" section.

  7. Tell us what event we're coming out for.

  8. Select your preferred date (with two week's advance notice).

  9. Select Time Range

  10. Options*

    Choose items you'd like at your event.

  11. Is there anything else we should know? Please note not all requests can have all options requested due to staffing, but we are happy to make the request for you.

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